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We offer Peak Performance Communication training, Sales training, Crisis Communications audit & training, Media Response workshops, Interview Techniques workshops, Public Speaking seminars and the Ultimate Communicator bootcamp

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When did you last:

  • experience a crisis situation with potential exposure on newspapers, broadcast and social media?
  • feel distracted or anxious when facing a camera or talking into a microphone?
  • had to deal with a hostile call from aggrieved customers?
  • meet people for the first time for a sales meeting?

“Peak Performance Communication helps you to take control of spoken and written communication in the most assertive and effective manner for the respective audience.”

Daniel de Carvalho is a cornerstone trainer of Peak Performance Communication. Daniel is an award winning communicator, speaker and strategist with 20 years of work done for the Portuguese Cable TV, Bertelsman Media Group, GT, Ryanair and Wizz Air.

We act as curator of associated trainers, carefully chosen for an aggregated experience of over 55 years in communicating when launching or rejuvenating brands, when selling, when addressing the media and the public or during crisis situations.

We offer a number of training packages, including workshops, seminars and boot camps that

- prepare senior management for media interviews

- help communications practitioners assimilate new methodologies to sustain and further develop best practice

- bring your sales force, call centre team or customer service professionals to the next level

- stimulate better internal communications within physical and virtual teams.

We also audit crisis communications systems and help implementing changes for better media relations and buzzful messaging.

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